Two Shoots in One day!

It’s 11 pm  and I’m just finishing an upload to the servers in New York. This morning started with a shoot at a beach house in Malibu for a company that developed a Wii game for a cable network. My job was to shoot images that will be used on the final package design.We had a call time of 9am and had 3 kids on set along with parents, art directors, and a make up artist. We had about 60 shots to nail down with two different points of view, one from behind the kids, and one in front as if they were looking directly at the TV. Each shot consisted of a kid posing on a Wii board doing the activity on the TV. Some shots needed all 2 kids jumping in the air at the same time. Let me just say that it took about 80 shots to get that one item right. During the shoot we had to upload images to NY and get approval from the big bosses. Other than a few wardrobe changes for the kids, they liked what the saw and we finished around 4pm.

A little after 4pm I got home, charged the batteries up on my Nikon D700 and spent a few minutes with my wife and son. Then off to the next gig. I had to get downtown to LA Live near Staples to shoot the premiere of “The Virginity Hit” produced by Will Ferrel. Whoever arranged the carpet kind of messed up. The stars entered the building and started on the video end of the red carpet or  “step and repeat”. It is always the other way around. The stars start with the photographers then selectively stop and interview with the video crews. Ok, I’m tired. Enjoy the pics!

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